What and Who Is Taylor Swift’s New Video “Look What You Made Me Do” About?

What and Who Is Taylor Swift’s New Video “Look What You Made Me Do” About? 

Posted: 12:45 pm Monday, August 28th, 2017

By levineonscene

Through what looks like hidden messages within Taylor Swift’s new video we propose what and who her new video “Look What You Made Me Do” is about! At :26 seconds in you see her in the graveyard and in a dress that looks like the one she wore in “Out of The Woods”! At 30 seconds in (tougher to see!) the name “Nils Sjoberg” is seen on a tombstone! That was the pseudonym she used for Calvin Harris (ex boyfriend) as a songwriter in the song “This Is What You Came For”. Could those 2 ideas be connected?

In her bathtub of diamonds scene, freeze the screen at :26 seconds and look very carefully at what’s tucked underneath her arm! It’s a one dollar bill that could be the one she was awarded in her groping case against Denver DJ David Mueller.

You’ll notice she’s being served tea by a snake at about 1 minute into the video. This could be symbolic of the feud she had with Kim Kardashian on Twitter where Kim used a lot of snake emojis!

She looks an awful lot like Katy Perry and a wig Katy might have worn with a Grammy in hand at 1:16 into the video. Could this be some shade being throne over the fact Taylor has won 10 Grammys while Katy has only been nominated?

Watch the video and see what you think!